Dampness in the buildings


The penetration or excess of moisture inside the building from its walls, floors, or roof is known as dampness in the buildings. Sources of Dampness in the buildings The following are the main sources due to which dampness occurs in the building. Moisture penetrating into the building through …

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Damp Proof Course (DPC)


Damp Proof Course commonly known as DPC is a layer of materials applied to stop the penetration or movement of moisture inside the buildings from its walls, floors, or roof. Different methods are applied and materials are used to stop dampness in the building. Methods of Damp Proofing …

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Lighting in the buildings

Lighting in the buildings

Lighting in the buildings is a major factor in designing a good building. Lighting inside a building is necessary to illuminate the interior and its contents to perform the tasks, e.g reading, walking up or down stairs and carry out other indoor activities. Requirements for Lighting in the …

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Different Types of buildings


Building simply indicates anything that is built with wall and a roof. The term building in civil engineering palace is used to mean a structure having various components like foundation, walls, column, floors, roofs, doors, windows, ventilators, stairs, lifts, etc. Normally all buildings are constructed according to drawing …

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