Photogrammetry Survey

Photogrammetry Survey

Photogrammetry survey or photogrammetric surveying is one of the branches of surveying. It is an art and the science of obtaining accurate measurements by using photographs taken from terrestrial or air stations. In the photogrammetric survey, the objects are measured without being touched. The photographs are used for …

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Tiles, EarthenWare and Glazing


Tiles Tiles are thin slabs used for covering roofs, for flooring or for making drains and may be formed of brick earth burnt in kilns or concrete. Brick earth used for manufacturing bricks tiles is more pure and is prepared more thoroughly than the one used for manufacturing …

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Different Types of buildings


Building simply indicates anything that is built with wall and a roof. The term building in civil engineering palace is used to mean a structure having various components like foundation, walls, column, floors, roofs, doors, windows, ventilators, stairs, lifts, etc. Normally all buildings are constructed according to drawing …

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Different aggregates test


Test for determination of aggregate abrasion value The aggregate abrasion value gives the resistance of an aggregate against wearing. The test involves taking specified quantity of standard size material along with specified number of abrasive charge in a standard cylinder and revolving it for certain specific revolutions. The …

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